artificial intelligenceThere are millions and billion of creatures on this planet, but humans have managed to become the supreme creature of all beings.  They now stand out of the crowd and have become the most powerful living being on this earth. All the achievement that we have made is due to our outstanding thinking capacity which is better than all the other beings on the planet.  It is we humans who have made all the machines and technologies that we are using for our convenience and comfort. Humans are using their brains and intelligence to advance the technology and make it better day by day. There are various intelligent devices available today that have made the lives easy but have you ever thought from where their smartness came? The smart devices that we see today are the result of artificial intelligence.

Since the computers and mobile phones were invented, continuous efforts have been made to make them better so that the humans can use them and make the daily life more comfortable. Humans have developed the power of computers and mobile phones and have made them speedy, compact and effective. All the advancement that you appreciate today is the result of artificial intelligence. To know more about the concept, you should continue reading.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an emerging branch of computer science that focuses on making the computers as smart and intelligent as that of humans. Artificial intelligence studies the working of the human brain as for how it learns things; remember things, and how they use the knowledge to solve the problem effectively.  They use these concepts to develop intelligent software systems that work as effectively as the human brains. This technology focuses on making the computer’s software that thinks intelligently and is controlled by humans and computers.

John McCarthy is known as the father of artificial intelligence, and he says that artificial intelligence is the engineering and science of making intelligent machines and computer programs. Therefore in simple words, artificial intelligence can be explained as the process or technology of making the machines capable of thinking intelligently as humans.

About the technique of Artificial intelligence

Though the technique of artificial intelligence sounds very exciting and interesting, there are a lot of things that people do not even know. The volume that this technique consumes is huge, and the technology keeps chaining continuously. The technique of AI is organized in such a way that it can be perceived by people who use it. It must be understandable in every situation even though it is incomplete. The AI technique can be easily modifiable so that it can be made better with every increase in the technology.  The techniques of artificial intelligence elevate speed of execution of the complex program. The technique which is used in developing is the Ai is influenced by many factors which are complex and intricate.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

The curiosity of human beings on how the machine would work if it were as intelligent as humans gave rise to the concept of artificial intelligence it was then the studies and research on this concept started. The study of making machines capable to think and react as human brains started with the following goals:

  • To create expert system – the goal was to create systems that can understand the behavior of humans, exhibit intelligence and advice them in the best manner. It was all started with a vision to make machines as intelligent so that they can play a role of friends of humans which can make the task very easy and comfortable for us.
  • To execute the human intelligence in the machines – the biggest goal of artificial intelligence is to create the machines capable of thinking just like the humans do.

As the machines start having their own intelligence, they will be able to save the human efforts a great deal. A human can get his entire task done with the help of intelligent machines that help in giving out the best decisions. The advanced robots that we see today and the smart phones are the biggest example of the artificial intelligence in machines.

Types of artificial intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence is quite large in itself. There are various sub categories in which this concept is divided depending on the amount and level of intelligence the software can present. If we talk about the types of concept in a wide sense, then there are two types of artificial intelligence. One is the weak AI, and the other one is the strong AI.

The weak intelligence can also be said as the narrow intelligence. This type of AI is designed to perform only a particular task. It is trained in a single thing, and its capability is to perform on that very thing. A good example of this type of intelligence is the Siri of Apple.

The other type of artificial intelligence is the strong AI.  This type of intelligence is a program to respond like a general human behavior. It can respond to even the unknown situations by applying their intelligence.  The concept of this type of intelligence is undoubtedly wider and complex than that of the artificial intelligence.

Another concept with the help of which the Artificial intelligence can be classified is trough the concept of Arend Hintze.  He explained that the intelligence in machines can be classified into four types which are the reactive machines, limited memory, the theory of mind and self-awareness respectively.

The classification of artificial intelligence tells us the manner in which it can be used. The weak or low level intelligence can be used for the purpose of performing small supportive tasks where the higher artificial intelligence can be used for intricate works.  Today the area of application of artificial intelligence is becoming wider day by day. It is used in gaming, financial sectors, technical sectors and all the other fields of the world. The fascinating controversies are taking place in relation with the artificial intelligence, but it is for sure that this technology will take the humans very far in future.


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Artificial intelligence – Edifice of the Future Devices

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