Nintendo is launching lots of games and Donkey Kong country 1is one of the best series. It was launched in 1994 with single player and Multiplayer modes.  The sole game was developed by almost 12 developers and they have assembled it in 18 months. It is long term project that’s why it has become well known series that is available on Super NES, Game Boy and virtual console.  All you need to pay close attention on the main characters such as DK and Diddy. Both are main playable characters that are available in the both modes. You will find three modes of travels such as-

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Rolling

There is a need to choose character according to the requirements only. After that you try to defend the enemies using top-notch quality equipment. Here are some shocking Facts related to donkey kong country 1.

  • Great option

Nintendo is continually launching tougher and adventurous game but Donkey kong is less difficult. It has become one of the great games in Japan as you are not investing huge time and effort to reach higher levels. One has to collect lots of things like as Bananas and other fruits. To kill enemies, you should opt for DK barrels and then you can easily kill monsters without facing any problem.

  • Graphics

According to the professionals, Graphic of Donkey kong is completely similar to the Nintendo Ultra 64.  They have created a top-notch Gameplay that is attracting lots of users. Developers are using up-to-date technology and creating high-end quality games with ease.  Overall, it is fantastic game in the 1994.

  • Limited Edition

Owners of donkey kong country have sold almost nine million copies in the first month of launch. After that, they have made a lot of complicated changes in the game and then manufactured 2500 copies that cost $1000.

  • Perfect name

No doubt, Donkey Kong country is perfect name but it isn’t a part of the plan. According to professionals, it is presented by a particular team. It is only game that is manufactured by more than 16 developer.

  • Great cartoon

As per Gamers, it is completely based on the 3D animation Series which is known as Donkey Kong. Developers have created characters carefully and launched almost forty episodes of such series.  To watch 3D animation seriesyou must find DVD or ITunesand have some great fun.

  • Levels

If you want to complete the level in Donkey Kong you must pay close attention on following important aspects like as-

  • Enemies
  • Bananas, apple
  • Objects

To summarize, there is a need to collect important objects and then kill enemies in the fraction of seconds

Conclusive words

Lastly, after killing lots of enemies in the game you will automatically reached to the Bonus room where you can collect lots of Bananas and other reward point.  You need to accumulate stars and then you will able to reach another level without making huge efforts. It is all about showing interest in the game and it will easily turn out into an incredible source of entertainment. For more information please visit

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Facts that you should know regarding donkey Kong country 1

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