Are you a GTA fan? Probably, it is a wrong question to ask because Grand Theft Auto is the world’s most popular video game series. This game released way back in 2013 and still, it is one of the popular ones. All the installments are popular from the series, and you can easily find that the first installment is also available for Android. Yes, you can get the GTA San Andreas for Android by paying a little.

But, most of the gamers want to get GTA 5 for , and it is one of the most asked questions online. Well, GTA V is still not available for Android, but according to developers, this game will be available soon. However, if the developer of any game is saying, then it means couple years. As per many websites and experts, the Android version of GTA V will be available after 2020. So, it is a pretty long time to wait.

However, there are some easy to use alternatives which can help you run the game on a smartphone. Unfortunately, only Android gamers can get the benefit of it; iOS users have to wait for the official launch.

Using Emulators

The use of emulator can let you avail the benefit of extreme gaming. There are many Chinese game emulators that work perfectly, and they can help you run Xbox games on a smartphone, only on Android. Head over to any of the website that provides you Xbox emulator and downloads that. Make sure to prefer the genuine sources and reliable because some of them may be harmful to prefer.

After visiting the official website of emulator provider, you just need to download the apk and install that. Most probably, you will be tackling to fewer issues with such options because these emulators are available in Chinese and you can’t change the language for it. But, you will get used to it in couple days, and there is no need to worry because the game will work perfectly in the preferred language.

Such emulators are designed to work in China only so you have to install a VPN which can

let you choose Chinese location to work with. It is a reliable option and quite helpful in various manners. Just use any of VPN service provider and choose your location or country like China to get the amazing benefits.


The final Verdict

In order to play GTA 5 without facing any issue, you should focus on configuration requirement. James from said that the most of high-End smartphone from Google, Samsung, One Plus and such other brands are able to support the game. You should consider these factors before heading over to download otherwise chances of facing issues lately are higher. In addition to this, you must check out the source that is providing you the emulator. Sometimes, few websites can make you prefer apk with viruses or any other harmful file. These can be causing numerous issues.

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Where to download GTA 5 for android?

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